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Finance Lease: This is the most common form of Lease agreement, usually preferred by private companies who like to acquire the asset at the end of the lease by offering to pay the pre-determined “residual” value. Terms, residuals and rental frequency can be structured to suit a client’s specific cashflow requirements, or to maximize tax benefits during the lease period. Lease payments are usually fixed at the beginning of the Lease term, although variable rate facilities may be available for facilities over $1 million.

Operating Lease: Larger corporates and Government departments favour Operating Leases as they are treated as an “operating” rather than a “capital” expense. i.e. equipment can be acquired against an operating budget without the need to obtain capital expenditure approval. Both the asset and liability remain off the balance sheet, which leaves gearing ratios in tact.

Chattel Mortgage / Hire Purchase: Chattel Mortgage and Hire Purchase (also known as Asset Purchase) are usually preferred by private companies who like to ultimately own their equipment. These facilities often suit cashflow as a GST input credit is still available even though the asset has not been fully paid for. Fixed or variable rate structures are available over terms of up to ten years. Interest rates are usually fixed at the beginning of the term, although variable rate facilities may be available for facilities over $1 million.


Your car purchase isn’t just about business – it’s personal. And Quantum Business Finance will personalise your car finance facility to suit your budget, cashflow, car allowance or any other circumstance.

Our range of vehicle finance solutions covers all requirements from salaried employees to major fleet operators such as Hertz, Europcar and Budget.

Vehicle Finance products provided by Quantum Business Finance are:

  • Finance Lease – non maintained or with the option of full maintenance
  • Operating Lease – with or without maintenance
  • Novated Lease, and other salary sacrifice arrangements such as Car Allowance
  • Hire Purchase, and
  • Chattel Mortgage.

Additional client services available through our partners are:

  • Vehicle Purchasing – get the benefit of our buying power
  • Vehicle Insurance at highly competitive pricing.


Quantum Business Finance is delighted to announce the addition of Quantum Property Finance to our existing Equipment Finance business.

Our services now include:


  • Property Purchases
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Top ups/increases
  • Construction/renovation
  • House & Land packages
  • Consolidation Loans
  • First Home Buyers


  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Development finance (units, high rises, sub division)
  • Business finance
  • Specialised Property finance
  • Debtor Funding
  • Leasehold lending
  • Mezzanine Finance (construction)
  • Private Funding


For Goods purchased Overseas, Quantum Business Finance has the facilities and experience to do foreign currency equipment transactions. Instead of being moved from one department to another by your bank, all of your requirements can be expertly managed by your Quantum Business Finance consultant.

Once your Equipment has been delivered or commissioned, we can roll these facilities into a Lease, Chattel Mortgage or Hire Purchase Agreement on the best available terms.

For Goods purchased within Australia, we can finance deposits and progress payments as required. This is very handy for machinery which is specifically manufactured to your requirements, or ongoing projects such as major office or factory fit-outs.

For more details, talk to us at Quantum Business Finance.

With our customary efficiency, we can arrange equipment finance transactions involving any of the following requirements:

  • Irrevocable Letters of Credit
  • SWIFT transfers in any major currency
  • Payment of deposits and progress payments to overseas suppliers
  • The option of forward exchange rate cover
  • The further option of forward interest rate cover
  • Payment of import duty and GST upon arrival
  • Withholding of supplier retention payment


Quantum Business Finance recommends H.W. Wood Australia, who have clients throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. Like us, they place great emphasis on building and maintaining long term relationships with clients.

As a service to Quantum Business Finance clients, H. W. Wood Australia will source a competitive insurance quotation for you, at no charge or obligation. Shop around first, then let them try to match or beat your existing quotation.

Download our Insurance Offer form to request a Motor Vehicle Insurance quote, or to enquire about their full range of Commercial Insurance products.

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